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Learn to organize your valuable photos and creative media files with Adobe Bridge Course, offered by the best graphic designing institute in Delhi. It offers a detailed course on Adobe Bridge software which is suitable for working professionals and freelancers.

Adobe Bridge course is a flexible short- term certificate course that can be completed in just 7 days, 4 days or even 2 days. It can be done via classroom or online training mode with one – on – one personalised sessions.

While working with RAW files of the camera, it becomes extremely difficult for the user to organize the creative media files digitally. The course enables the learner to group, sort and label the required images in the software.


Adobe Bridge short- term course involves continuous practical learning sessions. The curriculum of the course focuses on navigating the workspace, evaluating images, sorting, rating and labelling the files, using stacks, understanding metadata and its templates.

In addition, the course also lets the learner understand the working on RAW files of camera. It also includes managing images, creating contact sheets, using the image processor, creating a web photo gallery, finding images and synchronizing colour setting.

 Course Content

  • What is Bridge?
  • Navigating the Workspace
  • Bridge Preferences
  • Evaluating Images
  • Using the Loupe tool
  • Sorting, rating, and labeling files
  • Filtering Content
  • Using Stacks
  • Understanding metadata
  • Adding IPTC Core metadata
  • Creating a Metadata template
  • Getting Photos from a Camera
  • Running a Slide Show
  • Slide show options
  • Making a PDF presentation
  • Managing Images
  • Batch Renaming
  • Creating Contact Sheets
  • Using the Image Processor
  • Creating a Web Photo Gallery
  • Creating and applying Keywords
  • Finding images
  • Saving Collections Creative Cloud Integration
  • Working in Compact Mode
  • Using Bridge with InDesign
  • Using Bridge with Photoshop
  • Camera Raw
  • Using Bridge with Illustrator
  • Synchronizing Colour Settings


The course is suitable for photographers, photo editors, and those who work on bulk image projects. After the completion of the course, the students will be able to process camera RAW files. They will be able to correct the colour tone, reduce noise and pre- sharpen images.

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