Adobe Character Animator Expert Course

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Classroom | Online 45 Days


(3 Class in a Week)

15 Days

Mon to Fri

(5 Class in a Week)

7 Days

Mon to Fri

(5 Class in a Week 1.5 Hours in a Class )

Introduction to Adobe Character Animator

  • Getting Started
    • Overview of Adobe Character Animator interface
    • Setting up the workspace
    • Understanding the Character Animator workflow
    • Importing and managing media files

Creating and Importing Characters

  • Character Design Basics
    • Creating characters in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
    • Importing characters into Character Animator
    • Setting up layers and groups for animation
    • Understanding layer hierarchy and naming conventions

Rigging Characters

  • Character Rigging
    • Introduction to rigging concepts
    • Adding and configuring tags for body parts
    • Using the Rig panel for detailed setup
    • Creating handles, sticks, and draggable points

Facial Animation and Lip Sync

  • Animating Faces
    • Setting up facial features for animation
    • Using the webcam and microphone for live performance capture
    • Lip-syncing with audio input
    • Adjusting visemes and facial expressions

Body Animation

  • Animating Body Movements
    • Understanding body behavior settings
    • Using the Physics engine for natural movements
    • Applying walk cycles and triggers
    • Creating custom behaviors for unique animations

Advanced Animation Techniques

  • Refining Animations
    • Working with the timeline and keyframes
    • Using the Trigger panel for complex animations
    • Creating and using replays for repeated actions
    • Working with Audio
  • Integrating Sound
    • Importing and editing audio files
    • Syncing audio with character actions
    • Adding sound effects and background music
    • Using audio behaviors to enhance animations

Live Performance and Streaming

  • Real-Time Animation
    • Setting up for live performance capture
    • Integrating with streaming software (OBS, Streamlabs, etc.)
    • Using the Control panel for live animation
    • Broadcasting animations live on various platforms

Exporting and Sharing

  • Output Settings
    • Exporting animations in different formats
    • Using Adobe Media Encoder for export
    • Preparing animations for social media and web
    • Creating GIFs and video loops

Integrating with Other Adobe Applications

  • Workflow Integration
    • Using Dynamic Link with After Effects and Premiere Pro
    • Importing and exporting assets between Adobe apps
    • Enhancing animations with After Effects
    • Editing animated scenes in Premiere Pro


  • Hands-On Projects
    • Creating a complete animated short
    • Designing interactive characters for web applications
    • Producing animated explainer videos
    • Developing characters for virtual presentations and live shows

Tips and Tricks

  • Expert Techniques
    • Time-saving shortcuts and workflow tips
    • Best practices for character design and animation
    • Troubleshooting common issues
    • Staying updated with the latest features and updates

 Portfolio Development

  • Building Your Portfolio
    • Selecting projects for your portfolio
    • Showcasing your best work
    • Creating an online presence
    • Preparing for job interviews and client presentations

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