Adobe Media Encoder Expert Course

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Introduction to Adobe Media Encoder

  • Getting Started
    • Overview of Adobe Media Encoder interface
    • Setting up the workspace
    • Understanding project settings and preferences
    • Importing media files and sequences

Basics of Encoding

  • Understanding Codecs and Formats
    • Overview of video and audio codecs
    • Common file formats and their uses
    • Bitrate settings and quality control
    • Differences between constant and variable bitrate

Importing and Managing Media

  • Working with Media Files
    • Importing media from various sources
    • Managing and organizing media in the queue
    • Using watch folders for automated importing
    • Metadata management and usage

Presets and Encoding Settings

  • Using and Customizing Presets
    • Overview of built-in presets
    • Creating and saving custom presets
    • Understanding and adjusting encoding settings
    • Applying presets to multiple files

Batch Processing

  • Efficient Media Management
    • Setting up batch processing workflows
    • Applying settings to multiple files
    • Using the queue for large projects
    • Automating repetitive tasks

Advanced Encoding Techniques

  • Optimizing Quality and Performance
    • Understanding keyframes and GOP settings
    • Advanced bitrate management
    • Encoding for different platforms (web, broadcast, etc.)
    • Best practices for high-quality exports

Working with Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Integration with Adobe Apps
    • Dynamic Link with Premiere Pro and After Effects
    • Exporting directly from other Adobe applications
    • Round-tripping projects between apps
    • Syncing settings and presets with Creative Cloud

Audio Encoding and Settings

  • Optimizing Audio Quality
    • Audio codecs and formats
    • Setting audio bitrate and sample rate
    • Multi-channel audio encoding
    • Syncing audio with video

Compression Techniques

  • Efficient File Management
    • Understanding compression algorithms
    • Reducing file size without losing quality
    • Compression settings for different use cases
    • Comparing different compression techniques

Exporting and Output

  • Finalizing Exports
    • Exporting media for different platforms
    • Using Adobe Media Encoder for social media exports
    • Understanding output settings for various devices
    • Using Adobe Media Encoder with Adobe Media Encoder Server

 Troubleshooting and Optimization

  • Solving Common Issues
    • Troubleshooting encoding errors
    • Optimizing performance and speed
    • Managing system resources
    • Best practices for stable and reliable encoding

Real-World Projects

  • Hands-On Projects
    • Encoding a feature film for streaming
    • Preparing media for a multi-platform campaign
    • Optimizing videos for social media
    • Creating a custom preset library

Tips and Tricks

  • Expert Techniques
    • Time-saving shortcuts and workflow tips
    • Best practices for different types of media
    • Staying updated with the latest features
    • Advanced settings and hidden features

Portfolio Development

  • Building Your Portfolio
    • Selecting projects for your portfolio
    • Showcasing your best encoding work
    • Creating an online presence
    • Preparing for job interviews and client presentations

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