Adobe Premiere Pro Expert Course

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Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Getting Started
    • Overview of Adobe Premiere Pro interface
    • Setting up the workspace
    • Understanding project settings and preferences
    • Importing and organizing media

Basic Editing Techniques

  • Timeline Basics
    • Understanding the timeline and sequence
    • Basic editing tools and techniques
    • Cutting, trimming, and arranging clips
    • Using the Razor tool and Ripple Edit

Working with Audio

  • Audio Editing
    • Importing and organizing audio files
    • Basic audio editing and mixing
    • Using audio effects and transitions
    • Syncing audio with video

Transitions and Effects

  • Adding Transitions
    • Applying and customizing transitions
    • Using video effects
    • Keyframing and animation basics
    • Applying and adjusting motion effects

Color Correction and Grading

  • Color Workflow
    • Understanding color theory and correction
    • Using Lumetri Color panel
    • Primary and secondary color correction
    • Color grading techniques and presets

 Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Advanced Tools
    • Working with nested sequences
    • Multi-camera editing
    • Using masks and tracking
    • Advanced keyframing techniques

Titles and Graphics

  • Creating Graphics
    • Using the Essential Graphics panel
    • Creating and customizing text layers
    • Applying lower thirds and motion graphics
    • Integrating Adobe After Effects for advanced graphics

Working with Effects

  • Special Effects
    • Using blending modes and opacity
    • Applying and customizing effects
    • Green screen and chroma key techniques
    • Creating and using presets

Exporting and Sharing

  • Output Settings
    • Exporting video in different formats
    • Understanding codecs and compression
    • Using Adobe Media Encoder
    • Exporting for web, broadcast, and social media

Workflow and Project Management

  • Efficient Workflow
    • Managing large projects
    • Organizing media and assets
    • Using proxies for smooth editing
    • Collaboration and project sharing

 Real-World Projects

  • Hands-On Projects
    • Editing a short film
    • Creating a promotional video
    • Producing a music video
    • Developing a professional showreel

Tips and Tricks

  • Expert Techniques
    • Time-saving shortcuts and workflow tips
    • Troubleshooting common issues
    • Staying updated with the latest features
    • Best practices for video editing

Portfolio Development

  • Building Your Portfolio
    • Selecting projects for your portfolio
    • Showcasing your best work
    • Creating an online presence
    • Preparing for job interviews and client presentations


Module-1 Image Editing | Graphic Design


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