Advanced Google Ads Expert Course

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1. Introduction to Advanced Google Ads

  • Overview of Google Ads Platform
  • Importance of Advanced Google Ads Strategies
  • Evolution and Trends in Google Ads
  • Role of Advanced Google Ads in Digital Marketing Strategy

2. Advanced Campaign Setup and Structure

  • Structuring Google Ads Campaigns for Success
  • Advanced Campaign Settings and Options
  • Campaign Budget Optimization Techniques
  • Understanding Ad Groups and Keyword Targeting
  • Advanced Location Targeting and Bid Adjustments

3. Advanced Keyword Research and Strategy

  • Using Keyword Planner for Advanced Keyword Research
  • Long-Tail Keyword Strategies
  • Negative Keyword Strategies for Advanced Campaigns
  • Keyword Match Types and Bid Strategies
  • Advanced Keyword Grouping Techniques

4. Ad Copywriting and Ad Extensions

  • Writing Compelling Ad Copy for Advanced Campaigns
  • A/B Testing Ad Copy Variations
  • Using Ad Extensions for Enhanced Ad Visibility
  • Advanced Ad Extensions Strategies (e.g., Callout Extensions, Promotion Extensions, Structured Snippets)
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) for Ad Customization

5. Advanced Bidding Strategies

  • Understanding Advanced Bidding Strategies (e.g., Target CPA, Target ROAS, Enhanced CPC)
  • Manual vs. Automated Bidding Strategies
  • Bid Adjustments for Device, Location, and Audience
  • Bid Strategy Experiments and Optimization Techniques
  • Budget Allocation Strategies for Advanced Campaigns

6. Advanced Audience Targeting

  • Leveraging Audience Targeting Options (e.g., Remarketing Lists, Custom Audiences, Similar Audiences)
  • Creating Advanced Audience Segments based on User Behavior and Interests
  • Layering Audience Targeting with Keywords and Demographics
  • Excluding Audiences to Improve Campaign Performance
  • Advanced Retargeting Strategies for Maximum ROI

7. Advanced Display Network Strategies

  • Understanding the Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Advanced Targeting Options on the Display Network (e.g., Contextual Targeting, Placement Targeting, Topic Targeting)
  • Responsive Display Ads and Image Ad Optimization
  • Remarketing Strategies for the Display Network
  • Advanced Display Network Campaign Optimization Techniques

8. Advanced Shopping Ads (Google Merchant Center)

  • Setting Up Advanced Shopping Campaigns
  • Product Feed Optimization for Maximum Visibility
  • Advanced Product Grouping and Bidding Strategies
  • Utilizing Custom Labels and Attributes
  • Advanced Reporting and Analysis for Shopping Campaigns

9. Advanced Video Ads (YouTube Advertising)

  • Introduction to YouTube Advertising
  • Creating Advanced Video Ad Campaigns
  • Targeting Options for Video Ads (e.g., Demographics, Interests, Remarketing)
  • Optimizing Video Ads for Maximum Engagement and Conversions
  • Advanced Video Ad Performance Tracking and Analysis

10. Advanced Reporting and Analysis

  • Customizing Google Ads Reports for Advanced Analysis
  • Using Google Analytics with Google Ads for Advanced Insights
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking and Attribution Modeling
  • Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Tracking
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization Strategies

11. Advanced Campaign Optimization Techniques

  • Advanced Campaign Optimization Strategies (e.g., Search Query Analysis, Ad Testing, Ad Rotation)
  • Using AI and Machine Learning for Campaign Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Techniques
  • Quality Score Optimization Strategies
  • Advanced Landing Page Optimization for Google Ads

12. Advanced Remarketing Strategies

  • Dynamic Remarketing for Enhanced Personalization
  • Sequential Remarketing Campaigns
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Strategies with Remarketing
  • Combining Remarketing with Audience Targeting
  • Advanced Remarketing Audience Segmentation

13. Advanced Local Ads and Google My Business

  • Optimizing Local Ads for Google Maps and Local Searches
  • Google My Business Optimization Techniques
  • Leveraging Local Extensions and Location-Based Targeting
  • Local Inventory Ads for Retailers
  • Advanced Local Campaign Measurement and Reporting

14. Advanced Mobile Advertising Strategies

  • Understanding the Mobile Landscape for Advanced Mobile Ads
  • Mobile Ad Formats and Targeting Options
  • App Promotion Ads and Deep Linking Strategies
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Advanced Mobile Landing Pages
  • Mobile Ad Creative Optimization Techniques

15. Advanced Campaign Automation and Scripts

  • Introduction to Google Ads Scripts
  • Creating Custom Scripts for Advanced Campaign Automation
  • Automating Routine Tasks and Reporting
  • Using Google Ads API for Advanced Integration and Automation
  • Best Practices for Script Development and Maintenance

Best Practices and Ethical Considerations

  • Following Best Practices for Advanced Google Ads
  • Adhering to Google Ads Policies and Guidelines
  • Ethical and Responsible Google Ads Practices
  • Transparency and Accountability in Google Ads Practices
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation to Industry Changes

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