AutoCAD Expert Course

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Classroom | Online 45 Days


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15 Days

Mon to Fri

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7 Days

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Introduction to AutoCAD

  • Getting Started
    • Overview of AutoCAD interface
    • Setting up the workspace
    • Understanding file types and file management
    • Introduction to the command line

Basic Drawing and Editing Tools (2D)

  • Drawing Basics

    • Using basic drawing tools (Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, etc.)
    • Creating and editing polylines
    • Using the Object Snap and Grid Snap
    • Understanding and using layers
  • Editing Tools

    • Basic editing commands (Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Trim, Extend, etc.)
    • Using the Offset and Mirror commands
    • Understanding grips and using grip editing
    • Working with the Fillet and Chamfer tools

Drawing Precision in 2D

  • Precision Tools
    • Using Object Snap Tracking and Polar Tracking
    • Understanding and using the Ortho mode
    • Using the Zoom and Pan commands for navigation
    • Using the Measure and Dimension tools

Advanced Drawing Techniques (2D)

  • Advanced Tools

    • Creating and using Blocks and WBlocks
    • Understanding and using Dynamic Blocks
    • Working with Xrefs (External References)
    • Using the Hatch and Gradient tools
  • Text and Annotations

    • Adding and editing text
    • Working with Multiline Text (MText)
    • Using dimensions and dimension styles
    • Adding leaders and tables

Layouts and Printing (2D)

  • Preparing for Print
    • Creating and managing layouts
    • Using the Page Setup Manager
    • Working with viewports
    • Printing and plotting drawings

Introduction to 3D Modeling

  • 3D Basics
    • Understanding the 3D workspace
    • Navigating in 3D space (using the ViewCube and Navigation Bar)
    • Working with UCS (User Coordinate System)
    • Creating basic 3D shapes (Box, Sphere, Cylinder, etc.)

Creating 3D Models

  • Modeling Tools
    • Using the Extrude and Revolve commands
    • Using the Sweep and Loft commands
    • Creating and editing 3D surfaces
    • Working with the PressPull and Fillet Edge commands

Modifying 3D Models

  • Editing 3D Models
    • Using the 3D Move, Rotate, and Scale commands
    • Using the 3D Align and 3D Mirror commands
    • Applying Boolean operations (Union, Subtract, Intersect)
    • Editing models with grips and the Gizmo tool

Advanced 3D Modeling Techniques

  • Complex Modeling
    • Creating and using 3D blocks
    • Understanding and creating Mesh models
    • Converting between surface, solid, and mesh objects
    • Using the Shell and Slice commands

Visualization and Rendering

  • Rendering Basics
    • Applying materials and textures
    • Setting up lighting
    • Creating and managing cameras
    • Rendering scenes and creating render presets

Annotating and Documenting 3D Models

  • 2D Documentation from 3D Models
    • Creating 2D views from 3D models
    • Using the Flatshot and Section Plane tools
    • Creating detail and section views
    • Annotating 3D models with dimensions and notes

Advanced Features and Customization

  • Customization and Productivity
    • Creating and using custom tool palettes
    • Customizing the AutoCAD interface
    • Using macros and LISP routines
    • Introduction to AutoLISP and script files

Real-World Projects

  • Hands-On Projects
    • Creating a complete 2D floor plan
    • Designing a 3D building model
    • Developing a mechanical part in 3D
    • Producing construction documents and presentation drawings

Tips and Tricks

  • Expert Techniques
    • Time-saving shortcuts and workflow tips
    • Best practices for layer management
    • Troubleshooting common issues
    • Keeping up with updates and new features

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