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1. Introduction to jQuery

  • What is jQuery?
  • History and Evolution of jQuery
  • Benefits of Using jQuery
  • Setting Up the Development Environment
  • Including jQuery in HTML (CDN, Downloaded File)

2. Basic jQuery Syntax

  • jQuery Syntax Overview
  • The Document Ready Function
  • Selecting Elements with jQuery Selectors
  • Basic jQuery Selectors
  • Advanced jQuery Selectors (attribute selectors, hierarchy selectors, etc.)

3. DOM Manipulation

  • Getting and Setting Content and Attributes
  • Manipulating Text, HTML, and Attribute Values
  • Inserting Content (append, prepend, before, after)
  • Removing Elements (remove, empty)
  • Cloning Elements

4. CSS Manipulation

  • Getting and Setting CSS Properties
  • Adding and Removing Classes
  • Toggling Classes
  • Handling Inline Styles

5. Event Handling

  • Binding and Unbinding Events
  • Common Events (click, dblclick, mouseover, mouseout, keydown, keyup, etc.)
  • Event Delegation
  • The Event Object
  • Handling Events with on(), off(), and one()
  • Event Namespacing

6. Effects and Animations

  • Showing and Hiding Elements
  • Fading Effects (fadeIn, fadeOut, fadeToggle)
  • Sliding Effects (slideDown, slideUp, slideToggle)
  • Custom Animations with animate()
  • Stopping Animations and Using Callback Functions

7. Traversing the DOM

  • Traversing Up and Down the DOM Tree (parent, parents, children, find)
  • Traversing Sideways in the DOM Tree (siblings, next, prev)
  • Filtering Selections (first, last, eq, filter, not)

8. AJAX with jQuery

  • Introduction to AJAX
  • Loading Data with load()
  • Making HTTP Requests with $.get(), $.post()
  • Using $.ajax() for Advanced AJAX Requests
  • Handling JSON Data
  • Error Handling in AJAX Requests
  • AJAX Event Methods (ajaxStart, ajaxStop, ajaxComplete, etc.)

9. jQuery Plugins

  • What are jQuery Plugins?
  • Using Existing jQuery Plugins
  • Writing Custom jQuery Plugins
  • jQuery UI Overview and Integration

10. Form Handling

  • Accessing Form Elements
  • Getting and Setting Form Values
  • Serializing Form Data
  • Form Validation with jQuery
  • Handling Form Events (submit, change, focus, blur)

11. Utilities

  • Utility Functions ($.each, $.map, $.grep)
  • Working with Arrays and Objects
  • Extending jQuery with $.extend()
  • Deferred Objects and Promises

12. Performance and Best Practices

  • Optimizing jQuery Selectors
  • Reducing Reflows and Repaints
  • Using Event Delegation Efficiently
  • Minimizing jQuery Code
  • Keeping jQuery Up-to-Date
  • Writing Readable and Maintainable jQuery Code

13. Advanced jQuery Concepts

  • jQuery and the JavaScript Prototype
  • Custom Events in jQuery
  • Data Method for Storing Data in Elements
  • Handling Multiple Events
  • Advanced Animation Techniques
  • Understanding the jQuery Source Code

14. jQuery Mobile

  • Introduction to jQuery Mobile
  • Setting Up jQuery Mobile
  • Creating Responsive Layouts
  • jQuery Mobile Widgets and Themes
  • Handling jQuery Mobile Events

15. Projects and Practical Applications

  • Building an Interactive Image Gallery
  • Creating a Dynamic To-Do List
  • Implementing a Modal Window Plugin
  • Developing a Form Validation Plugin
  • Building an AJAX-Powered Live Search Feature

Best Practices

  • Writing Efficient and Performant jQuery Code
  • Structuring jQuery Projects
  • Ensuring Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Progressive Enhancement and Graceful Degradation
  • Debugging jQuery Code

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