Why Learn Adobe Photoshop Expert Course at Graphic Design Institute

If you aspire to make a career in graphic designing, then you should opt for the best Photoshop course in Delhi from Graphic Design Institute. This course is apt for both students and professionals. This course is designed for the short term and can be completed in 45 days if opted in the regular mode. This course can be fast-tracked to 15 days or opted for in a crash course of 10 days.

Adobe Photoshop is a software application for image retouching and editing and can be used on Windows or macOS computers. Photoshop offers users the overall ability to create, enhance, or otherwise edit images, illustrations, and artwork. 

Changing backgrounds, simulating a real-life painting, or creating an alternate view of the universe. This is the most widely used software by graphic designers for photo editing, retouching, and image manipulation for numerous video and image files.

How is Adobe Photoshop successfully used? 

Adobe Photoshop is a very critical tool for graphic designers, artists, web developers & creative professionals. This is widely being used for the purposes of image editing, creating image compositions, retouching images, and adding various effects. 

Scanned or digital images can be edited to be used for in-print or online. Website layouts can be created within Photoshop, and their designs can be finalized before the developers move on to the stage of coding. Stand-alone graphics can be created & exported for usage within certain other programs.

What are the modules of Photoshop taught in the course?

The major modules that are being taught in the Adobe Photoshop course at one of the best graphic designing institutes are:

Module 1 – This module is an introduction to Photoshop and includes Raster and Vector, set image size, unit, resolution and color mode, color profile, and Photoshop overview.

Module 2 - This module includes selecting tools, marquee tool, single row, single column, lasso tool, polygonal lasso, magnetic lasso, quick selection, magic wand tool.

Module 3 – This module of the Adobe Photoshop course teaches crop & select color and includes crop tool, perspective crop, slice, slice selection, eyedropper, and color sampler.

Module 4 – This module includes image editing tools and color correction like spot healing, healing, patch, content-aware move, red-eye, adjustments, contrast/brightness, levels, exposure, curves, saturation/hue, black & white, color balance, channel mixer, photo filter, and color lookup.

Module 5 – This module of the Photoshop course near me teaches about the various pencil tools.

Module 6 - This module teaches colors like fill color in the selection, gradient, pattern, bucket, and paint.

Module 7 – This module teaches creating a path by using a pen, freeform pen tool, adding anchor point, and converting point.

Module 8 – This module teaches about the text that includes using vertical & horizontal type, using vertical & horizontal type mask, paragraph & character palette, font family, font size, font style, kerning, leading, tracking, vertical and horizontal scale, paragraph align, baseline shift, after and before paragraph space, etc.

Module 9 – This module deals with creating a shape like a rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, line, polygon, and other custom shapes.

Module 10 – This module teaches work mask-like clipping masks, type masks, layer masks, quick masks, and vector masks.

Module 11 – This module of the Photoshop course in Delhi teaches layer style and includes various things like bevel & emboss, stroke, inner shadow, inner glow, color overlay, satin, pattern overlay, gradient overlay, drop shadow, and outer glow.

Module 12 – This module of the Photoshop course involves practical work like creating banners, posters, mobile app UI, website UI, and social media posts.

Module 13 – This module teaches Filter like filter gallery, liquefy, camera raw, blur, vanishing point, oil paint, distort, pixelate, noise, sharpen, render and stylize.

Module 14 – This module teaches the students 3D like creating 3D shape, 3D text, 3D custom shape, applying texture, etc.

Module 15 – This module is about using advanced options.

Module 16 – This module is about exporting file in .psd, .png, .jpg, .pdf, .gif and .pdf.


So, suppose you are looking forward to becoming an accomplished graphic designer. In that case, you can opt for the best Photoshop course in Delhi from none other than Graphic Design Institute in Rohini, Delhi.

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