Corel Draw Expert Course

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Classroom | Online 45 Days


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15 Days

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(5 Class in a Week)

10 Days

Mon to Fri

(5 Class in a Week 1.5 Hours in a Class )

Learn to create vector-based artworks with the best graphic designing institute in Rohini (Delhi). Specifically designed for working professionals and students, it offers Corel Draw Expert Course covering basics to advanced concepts. The short term graphic design courses is available in the classroom and online training mode. Students can complete it within 45 days (regular), 15 days (fast track) and 10 days (crash) with flexible batch timings.

Corel Draw is one of the widely used software in the design and printing industry. It allows the users to create highly scalable graphics in RGB as well as CMYK modes. Our instructor-led program acquaints the students with in-depth insights about the software. With the main focus on providing practical training, our instructors make sure that each student is capable of designing multiple page layouts, printing collaterals, outdoor signboards, etc innovatively.


Corel Draw Expert is a short- term certificate course based on extensive practical sessions. The course aims at making the students clear with theoretical concepts and advanced tools of the software. The curriculum of the course emphasises on the creative designing techniques. It involves – exploring the design area, page setup, understanding colour modes and palettes, interesting and deleting pages.

Furthermore, the practical sessions involve drawing objects and shapes, arranging objects, working with text, outlining and filling objects and using symbols and clipart. While reaching the final stage of the software, our instructors make the students learn and practice the application of special effects, exporting the artwork into the desired format and setting up the printing options.


  • What is CorelDRAW?

Getting Started

  • Exploring the CorelDRAW Screen
  • Getting Assistance
  • File Management
  • Setting Up the Page

Moving Around And Viewing Drawings

  • Moving Around the Current Page
  • Viewing Modes
  • Inserting and Deleting Pages
  • Changing Pages

Drawing And Shaping Objects

  • Drawing and Shaping Tools
  • Using the Freehand Tool
  • Drawing Lines and Polylines
  • Drawing Freehand Polygons
  • Drawing Shapes and Polygons
  • Reshaping Lines and Polylines
  • Drawing Curves
  • Reshaping Curves
  • Drawing Rectangles
  • Drawing Circles

Arranging Objects

  • Arranging Objects
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
  • Using Guidelines
  • Using Dynamic Guides
  • Using Snap To
  • Aligning Objects

Working With Text

  • Text
  • Choosing Paragraph Options
  • Setting Indents Using the Ruler
  • Importing Text
  • Using the Spell Checker

Outlining & Filling Objects

  • The Outline Tool
  • Choosing Outline Thicknessesv
  • Choosing Outline Colors
  • Using Fill ToolThe Text Tool
  • Creating Artistic Text
  • Editing Text
  • Formatting Paragraphs
  • Setting Text Options
  • Creating Paragraph 
  • Copying Attributes
  • Setting Outline and Fill Defaults

Using Symbols And Clipart

  • Inserting Text Symbols
  • Adding Clipart
  • Modifying Clipart
  • Using the Scrapbook to Search for Clipart

Transforming Objects

  • Mirroring Objects
  • Rotating and Skewing Objects
  • Using Transform Docker

Special Effects

  • Fitting Text to a Path
  • Drawing With the Artistic Media Tool
  • Shaping an Object with an Envelope
  • Extruding an Object
  • Blending Two Objects
  • Using the Lens Effect
  • Adding Perspectives
  • Using PowerClips
  • Applying Contours
  • Applying Drop Shadows

Exporting Drawings

  • Exporting to Graphic Formats
  • Copy and Pasting Into Other Applications


  • Print Options
  • Print Previewing

Method of Assessment:

  • At the end of the CorlDraw software will also take a project. Like: logo, banner, brochures, business cards, Magazines, Prospects etc.


Corel Draw Expert Course is an extensive graphic designing course. It requires intense practice and obtaining creative design skills. At the end of the course, they are required to submit final projects on designing professional banners, logo, brochure, magazine designs, etc.

After the completion of the course, students can opt to become:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Corel Draw Expert
  • Professional Logo designer
  • Book/magazine designer
  • Hoarding/banner designer


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