What is Layers in Photoshop and How to Use Them?

We cannot do anything without layers in Photoshop, the base of Photoshop starts with a layer, although the layer only acts as a navigator, it is also very important. We have to add all our photos and FX Effects on the layer, only then we can edit the photo well.

Today I will try to tell you everything about What is layers in Photoshop and what are the Types of layers in Photoshop. There is a lot to tell about layers that cannot be completed in this post but I will try to tell as much as I can.

What is Layers in Photoshop and How to use Them?

First of all open Photoshop and open any photo by pressing the Shortcut Key “CTRL+O”. Now you have your photo in front of you and on the right side there is a section of the layer. This photo has 1 layer and 2 is the section of the whole layer.

Here is the complete information about the layer, you will know almost everything in these 12 points.

1) The 1st Option works like an On / Off button, along it is used to turn on / off the options that are there.

2) 2nd Opacity This works to show and hide the layer, if it is 100% then the layer will look complete. If you keep working from 100%, the layer will become less visible.

3) 3rd Option - To Lock the layer After locking a layer you will not be able to work on that layer

4) The 4rth option is used to merge the layer with another layer. You can select the layer and change it by clicking on this option, you will know what it is used for, but for this, there should be a layer under that layer too.

5) The 5th option is to hide the layer. Click on this option to see the layer again.

6) 6th option - Selecting two layers in photoshop by pressing the CTRL key from the keyboard and clicking on this option, both the layers will be locked and you can move both the layers simultaneously.

7) With the 7th option, you can apply effects on the layer, I will tell you about it separately, it has a lot of effects.

8) The 8th option is the option of "Add Layer Mask", you can work on the mask by applying masking over the layer, so that there will be no change on the original layer and your work will also be done. Now you know what is layer masking in photoshop?

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9) With the 9th option, we set the color of the layer, although there is a lot of option in it all is only for setting the color,

10) 10th Option is the option of the group, when you have many layers, then you can keep them in separate groups so that you can easily work on those layers in photoshop.

11) The 11th option is used to create a new layer, by clicking on it you can create an empty and new layer.

12) With the 12th option, you can delete the layer, and you can also delete the layer by right-clicking on the layer.

The special thing about the layer is that the layer that will be above will be visible first, and the one which will be below, after that, by holding any layer, we can set it up or down.

There are some hidden options in the layer which are not visible in front but very important. As soon as you right-click on any layer, you will see all its options, some of which will be disabled, which you can use only for any special effect, but if you right-click on the layer for the effects that you can apply on all the layers in photoshop, then you will see all the options.

Blending Options:- Which is above No. 7 is Fx, if you click on it, then a box will open in front of you, in which there will be a list of all the effects, tick and click on the effect to be applied and set it. Make the settings as you need and click on OK.

Duplicate Layer:- It is used to make another copy of any layer. If you select from the layer that is there, then its copy will be created and if you click on New then that layer will be created in the new TAB. You can also press the “CTRL + J” shortcut Key for a copy.

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Delete Layer: - By clicking on it, you can delete it by right-clicking on it.

Convert To Smart Object: - By clicking on this option, you can make the photo a smart object, so that if you increase or decrease the size of that object, then its quality will not be reduced.

Rasterize Layer: - It is used to make any smart object a normal layer.

Disable Layer Mask: - Applying a mask to the layer with the option of No.9 above, is used to disable the same layer mask.

Merge Down:- It is used to mix a layer with the layer below.

Merge Visible:- You will get all the layers except those which you have hidden.

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