6 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Logo

Designing a logo is easy but designing a right logo can be real hardship. So, here we are with some tips and tricks to help you with your logo design.
There are six points you need to follow while making a logo:-

  1. Market research
  2. Brand Recognition
  3. Design Technique
  4. Colour Selection
  5. Script Typeface
  6. Core Concept

Market Research

It is a foundation of any design. I repeat any design. Before designing a logo you must do a market research and collect all the necessary information regarding your client, brand verification, what kind of products they are dealing with? Who is the target audience? Who are their competitors? So, it is a very important step before proceeding your designing.

Brand Recognition

Like your name and nationality is your identification similarly, logo is the identification of your company and its brand. So, at the time of designing always keep in mind that it is capable to convey the message towards its target audience and leave its imprint on people mind. Always start with the rough drawing of your logo. You can also take inspiration from various platform. So, you can deliver the best design.

Design Technique

As we know there are many types of logo. So, before jumping on any conclusion it is important to know the style of your logo . It is also depends on client demands and background profile of brand. Your logo style should be sophisticated and polished. Which can easily approached towards your target audience. For example – if your logo is for beauty products then it should be little creative and chic. So, the style of your logo can affect your brand identification.

Colour Selection

The colouring is the important phase in your logo designing . The colour basically invigorate your design but poor selection can also damp it. So, always draw your logo in balck and white first then choose pigmentation. As logo is the mirror image of your brand so it should reflect the nature of it.

For example- If your company make homeopathic medicine then your colour should be similar to nature and more refreshing and if your logo is for baby products then it should be more filled with light and soft contrast. So, basically colouring in logo is  also showing the nature of your brand and its products.

Script Typeface 

The typeface plays a major role while creating a logo . The scripting is actually conveying the meassage and motto of your brand. Bad choice of Scripting can make your logo tacky and irrelevant. like we say, There is elegance and beauty in simplicity. So, always use one or two text style in a logo.

Core Concept

After all the designing, type scripts.Make sure  to take some feedbacks on your work. Always check it as per the perspective of your clients that whether it is delivering the concept or not. Always provide options to your client. So, it will leave a positive impression on your client.

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