Canva vs photoshop

There are many software and platforms are present in the marketing for image editing, manipulation, retouching and making different style of designs . Likewise, there are two software which are very popular among people and that is Canva and photoshop.

Canva and photoshop has similar work . both are designing software and have similar creative parameter options but still different then eachother.


We will discuss the difference between canva and Photoshop in this blog by discussing them briefly:-

Canva :- Canva is an online graphic designing platform in which we can use large amount of templates, graphics, gifs, photos, etc to create a design. Canva is mostly used by foetus artists or business man for quick and quirk design. 

In canva there are so many pre-designed templates which they can easily drag and drop it to get a good designs. Most of the the designs and videos are already present in the canva . al you have to do is select, drag and drop.


Photoshop:- Photoshop is an excellent photo editing and graphic design software for professionals to literally design anything. It gives you vast variety of options and tools. In photoshop it provide you its own re-exist text, patterns and shapes and also gives you options to add yours desirables. which makes this software a good choice for designers.


Let’s  compare both on the basis of few marketing point:-

User friendly:-  Canva is an easy-to-go designing platform. If you need a quick design or a social media post then canva is a best platform. All you have to do is select a pre-existing template and make few changes according to your requirement. For example – If you want to create a quick pininterest or instagram post then all you have to select a template, make changes regarding colours, shapes, photos etc. and your design is ready in twenty minutes. Photoshop is a little complex in comparison to canva. It is because of its wide range of options and tools. which is also a good side of any software. You can create any design in photoshop. There is no limitation and boundation in photoshop.


Graphical Options:- In terms of graphics, shapes and text canva provide a vast variety of templates but still it provide the basic shapes and graphics. Yes, It provide you many options but the designs are very simple and basic and you can only rely on them to make your designs. Whereas, wide range of graphical options are present in photoshop. It provides you excellent options like lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool, magic wand tool, spot healing tool, clone stamp, pattern stamp, sharp , smudge , blur tool. You can easily manipulate , retouch the image. You can make small GIF and video effects. You can play with the wide range of colour saturation option. It also provide you nice option of pre-exist patterns and you can also create your own pattern. Overall, photoshop gives you a great exposure in world of designing.                                                                               

                                  Option in Canva


                             Option In photoshop

Photo editing and retouching:- In Canva, there are a few basic image editing tools. These adjustments are applied globally to the image, and you can’t make any selective adjustments. If you wanted to only brighten the subject in your photo, then you’d be out of luck while using Canva. In canva  you can’t retouch an image , clown and remove specifics spots. It will only provide you basic option like crop, background removal, sharpening image etc. So, In photo editing scale , canva is far behind the photoshop.



Device support :- Both Canva and Photoshop can be used on Desktop, iOS, and Android. But, Since Canva is a web-based online designing platform so it is  not resource-intensive and can be used on almost any device but you can’t use it without internet connectivity.

On the other hand with photoshop, after installation, you should have at least a mid-range device but you can use it with or without internet connectivity.


Collabrotion:- Both Canva and Photoshop provide you the option of collaboration with different people, multiple teams etc. But The process is different in both .Canva lets you collaborate in real-time within the platform with your team on any design by sharing designs to edit via a link or inviting team members via email address. 

Whereas Photoshop allows you to collaborate with your others through the Creative Cloud application but overall, Photoshop offers more collaboration tools and controls than Canva.


Pricing:- the winner in terms of pricing depends on your specific needs, requirements, and budget. Photoshop plans are slightly cheaper than canva but as we say pricing depends on the needs and requirement.

 If you choose other plan then canva premium plan becomes cheaper. As photoshop provide the vast variety in options and tools that makes the pricing of software meaningful. So, The software choice is completely depends on peron’s needs, area of work and interests.










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