Corel Draw vs Illustrator for Printing

Coral Draw
⦁ Coral Draw is a software that provides more depth in the designs & gives you a large variety of choices in choosing the printing sizes. Some of the choices that it provides are mm, cm, m, inch, feet, yard & km. Above this Coral Draw supports DPI i.e., Dot Per Inch and for those of you who are not aware of what the significance is of Coral Draw supporting DPI then let me tell you that DPI is a Vector Effect. Vector Effect is something that if zoomed to any extent it doesn’t pixelate means it won’t get blurry or get distorted even.
⦁ Hence for these very reasons the Coral Draw is used worldwide majorly for people who are less in digital work and more in printing work. As by now, you would have seen that it is the best fit for printing.

Adobe Illustrator
⦁ Adobe Illustrator gives you limited sizes which are inc., cm, & mm. Unlike Coral Draw this software supports PPI i.e., Pixel Per Inch. PPI being a Raster effect Adobe Illustrator is not as popularly used as mainstream printing software.

⦁ Although it works wonders in the world of Digital Media. As its wide range of tools and other amazing features with an amazing user-friendly experience, it gives the chills down the spine of other software of its segment.

In the last, it comes to what your priorities are or the kind of work you are in. As both software are best in their segment and are meant to be used for specific purposes according to the needs for the designer, so comparing them won’t be right but we still are, aren’t we?

Coming back to the topic when talking specifically about printing Coral Draw is the best choice as this is the very purpose it is designed and used widely worldwide.

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