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15 Days

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(5 Class in a Week)

10 Days

Mon to Fri

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Learn the advanced desktop publishing software QuarkXPress with the best graphic designing institute in Rohini Delhi. It offers a short- term certificate with extensive practical and theory sessions. Suited for students and working professionals, it allows them to create interactive multiple page layouts.

QuarkXPress is one of the most demanded software in the publishing industry. The fully integrated and comprehensive course offers precision in graphic designing for publishing houses. Being a short- term course, it can be completed within 30 days (regular), 15 days (fast track) and 10 days (crash).

For our students’ convenience, we also offer this course via online training mode. Our expert faculty takes extensive practice and one on one session for the classroom as well as online training students.


QuarkXPress is a practice-based course. Its basics include understanding the software’s relevance, projects, layouts and interface. The curriculum emphasises on setting up application preferences, working with documents, layers, items, importing and editing text.

In addition, it also includes using paragraph controls, working with text layouts, tables, images, colour, opacity, interactivity and much more. With this curriculum, students will be able to create master pages and individual page layouts for multiple page documents and reports.

Getting Started

What is QuarkXPress?

Understanding projects and layouts

Understanding the QuarkXPress user interface

Setting Up QuarkXpress

Setting application preferences

Setting layout and project preferences

Working with Documents

Creating a new document and adding pages

Navigating documents

Setting Print Layout options

Working with ruler guides

Working with dynamic guides

Working with master pages

Converting InDesign files to QuarkXPress

Working With Layers

Creating layers

Moving and merging layers

Changing layer options

Working With Items

Working with boxes

Working with lines

Using the Bezier Pen tool

Moving and modifying items

Grouping items

Aligning items

Locking items

Using item styles

Converting imported PDFs to QuarkXPress items

Pasting from other applications

Using shape tools

Importing and Editing Text

Importing text

Editing text

Working with Find/Change

Controlling hyphenation and justification

Using the Glyphs palette

Applying OpenType features

Checking spelling

Working with text spans and splits

Formatting Text

Applying fonts to text

Creating drop caps

Creating custom underlines

Working with paragraph rules

Working with bullets

Working with numbering styles

Working with paragraph style sheets

Working with character style sheets

Tracking and kerning text

Using Paragraph Controls

Controlling alignment

Controlling leading

Using space before and after

Working with tabs

Creating footnotes and endnotes

Working with Text Layouts

Positioning text in boxes

Creating anchored boxes

Using design grids

Using text runaround

Working with Tables

Creating tables

Importing tables from Excel

Modifying table rows, columns, and cells

Adding graphics to tables

Formatting tables

Using table styles

Working with Images

Importing images

Modifying imported images

Working with clipping paths and masks

Updating modified and missing pictures

Nondestructive image editing

Working with Color and Opacity

Creating colors

Using the color picker

Appending colors

Creating multi-color blends

Controlling opacity

Working with drop shadows

Applying transparency blend modes to items

Adding Interactivity

Adding hyperlinks

Adding video

Adding animation


Understanding the Print dialog box controls

Exporting to PDF

Using Collect for Output



QuarkXPress course enables the students to create compelling page layouts for multiple pages documents. After the completion of the course, students can opt to become:

  • Book designer
  • Newspaper designer
  • Magazine designer
  • QuarkXPress expert
  • Annual report or journal designer

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