Artistic Media Tool in CorelDraw

As we all know Corel Draw is a Vector Base program in which we can create any type of program logo card. To create all these items, many different types of tolls have been given in Corel Draw, with the help of which we can create anything very easily in Corel Draw, but to make any great object, we need to create a great object in Corel Draw.

A lot of work has to be done, a lot of practice has to be done and all its tools have to be known, that we can make a great object in Corel Draw.

Although all the tools in Corel Draw are different in themselves, the most different is the Artistic Media Tool in Coreldraw which works like 1 Brush and using it we can create very creative objects, so in today's post we will tell you about Artistic Media Tool Coreldraw, how you can use it, below you have been given complete information about this tool step by step.

How to use Artistic Media Tool in Coreldraw?

As I mentioned the Corel Draw Artistic Media Tool works like a Brush. But inside this, you have been given many more presets. With which you can select different types of CorelDraw artistic media brushes styles and create different types of creative things.

You'll find the Artistic Media Tools in Corel Draw under “Effects” in the top menu. So first select the Artistic Media Tool in CorelDraw.

After selecting the Artistic Media Tool Coreldraw, more tools related to Artistic Media CorelDRAW will appear in front of you as we have shown in the above photo.

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Default Strokes

Here you will find all its strokes, ie here you will get different designs for the year so that you can make different types of objects. If you have downloaded more strokes from the internet and added or want to add to it. You can also add the downloaded strokes from here, in you already get a lot of strokes which you can use to create anything.

Last Used

When you start making an object, you will use a variety of tools in it, so here you will see the strokes of all the artistic media CorelDRAW that you have used before, so from this, you can easily find out which one you have used.

Used Strokes or if you want to use any Strokes again, then you will not need to revisit all the Strokes from the default Strokes, you can directly see the Strokes you have used in Last Used itself.


Like Default Strokes, here you can browse all your strokes but here all the strokes are given in different categories like Sprayer, Brush, and Pressure.

So you will be able to see all the strokes from here and you will remember What are the strokes in the
CorelDraw artistic media brushes and which are the strokes in the pressure.


Edge Point is used to rotate an object and to increase or decrease its size. You'll find this Edge on all objects, no matter which object you create in Corel Draw.

With the Artistic Media Tool in Coreldraw, you can draw any object if you want to change its color then you select the drawn object and select any color from the right and given color palette whatever color you will select the same Color will be felt automatically in this object.

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So in this way you can create anything using the Corel Draw Artistic Media Tool is mostly used for making cartoons because we can use it like Free-Hand Sketching.

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