How to Use the Curve Tool in CorelDraw?

The Curve tool is used the most in Corel Draw, because if any new design is to be made, then the Curve tool is used first. There are more types of Curve Tool in CorelDraw that help you to make designs easily. In this post, you will learn about all types of Curve Tool.

Types of Curve Tool in Coreldraw

  1. Freehand Tool
  2. 2-Point Line Tool
  3. Bezier Tool in CorelDraw
  4. Pen Tool
  5. B-Spline Tool
  6. Polyline Tool
  7. 3-Point Curve Tool
  8. Smart Drawing Tool

1. Freehand Tool: It works as its name suggests, Freehand Raving tool is used freely just as it does.

2. 2-Point Line Tool: It is used to draw a straight line. But if you press shift and draw a line, it will draw a line at an angle of 15 degrees.

3. Bezier Tool in CorelDraw: If you don’t know How to use Bezier Tool in CorelDraw? So this also works like a 2-point line, but if you click and make a line without leaving the click, then it will not become straight.

  • If you want to rotate, it will rotate in the same direction, but as soon as you leave the click and make the line again.
  • It will start from the last point of the previous line, meaning the Corel Draw Bezier line will be joined together.

4. Pen Tool: The Pen Tool and the Bezier Corel Draw both works in the same way, but you do not need to click and hold the click, this tool will automatically grab the line once you click it and you can click further to complete the line. You can, but you have to double-click to touch the line.

5. B-Spline Tool: There is a slight difference between B-Spline Tool and the Pen tool, in that you cannot make a straight line. As you click and make a line, this tool will make it round and not keep it straight.

6. Polyline Tool: This tool works as both Freehand and 2 points lines, if you click and release it will act as a 2-point line and if you drag the line without releasing it will act as a Freehand tool.

7. 3-Point Curve Tool: Arc can be made with 3-Point Curve Tool, first stretch as long as the line is to be drawn, then rotate it in any direction, then it will become an arc.

8. Smart Drawing Tool: Whatever object you make freehand with the Smart Drawing tool, it will automatically be made in the proper shape.

I hope you have got the information about the curve tool in CorelDraw and the Types of Curve tool in CorelDraw. If you want to learn the advanced CorelDraw course in Delhi then you can join the Graphic Designing Institutes, call or WhatsApp at +91-7838370333

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